The Research Version Electrogastrogram

The Research Version Electrogastrogram (EGG) is designed to be used to study the true depth of Electrogastrography ability to diagnose various neuroenteric dysfunctions as related to the digestive system.​

By providing the ability to test myoelectric response in gastric emptying using a wide array of mediums, and by removing any restrictive predefined parameters for diagnosis, researchers are free to use the Electrogastrogram to pursue testing for a wide range of possible conditions that could lead to yet undiscovered cause/effect relationships that can aid in various diagnoses.

Currently being used in studies involving universities throughout the world, this version offers an updated and easy to use interface device.  The research version is designed specifically for Universities and other research facilities interested in the most flexible and powerful device available.

The program itself offers new capabilities, which include:

The 3CPM® Electrogastrogram Is custom assembled and programmed for each individual location.  Internet facilitated centralized service is included to limit downtime in the event of a program malfunction, via a required unrestricted internet connection provided by the end user.