Predictable Therapeutic  Results for Gastroparesis and Dyspepsia

EGG delivered GMA subtyping improves therapeutic outcomes

  • Proper subtyping of Gastroparesis and Dyspepsia impacts treatment outcomes
  • Personalized AI-powered diagnostics with specialized treatment plans
  • Builds reputation recognition and practice success with higher outcomes

40 Million + Americans Suffer From Gastroparesis and Dyspepsia

  • 3CPM EGG/EVG delivers reproducible reliable subtyping of the underlying disorder
  • AI derived diagnostic threshold is the difference between successful treatment vs failure
  • 3CPM® GMAT® software uniquely detects the 25% GMA subtype group with 93% response to endoscopic pyloric balloon dilation.
  • Identiflies similar response probability to other pyloric therapy such as BOTOX injection, G-Poem and pyloroplasty.

Proper GMA Subtyping assists in surgical therapy selection and outcomes.

  • Quality of the 3 cpm signal directly correlates with normal ICC number and function
  • Gastroenteric Stimulation (GES) works best with normal 3cpm GMA as determined by EGG
  • Detection of sub optimal 3 cpm GMA subtypes helps to limit surgical failures with GES.
  • Hypernormal GMA subtype or subtypes with elevated GMAT threshold scores have pyloric outflow dysfunction.
    • Pre operative recognition and correction will avoid post-op complications or primary surgical treatment failure in GERD or Bariatric procedures.

Non-invasive, EGG/EVG with water load satiety test subtypes GMA.

  • AI-driven Diagnostics, and intuitive EGGSAS software simplify Treatment Decisions, providing answers within minutes.
  • Personally-tailored Treatment Improves Patient Outcomes
  • EGG driven services enhance Community and Regional Reputation and Outreach

Highly cost effective Return on Investment. Find out how quickly you can recoup your investment with our ROI Calculator.

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