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In the current challenging environment of endoscopic utilization and reimbursements, one of the best investments in new technology is in that which represents science based on sound scientific foundations and clinical research with an eye not only to the future but to the past.

The 3CPM Company® Electrogastrogragraphy and Electroviscerography systems and software packages represent tested, true state-of-the-art devices, with a proven track record in producing significant  clinical and treatment outcomes.

Equally important is the ease of use, cost-saving design and documented favorable impact on ROI and the bottom line.

ASC, Clinic, Office and Hospital Logistics

The 3CPM EGG/EVG systems can be readily performed in and inpatient or outpatient office or clinic. Setup and testing is performed by medical staff, such as a technician. Following placement of 3 small electrode pads on the abdomen, the initial patient baseline and demographics entry takes 10-15 minutes. Patients sit calmly in a reclining chair, freeing up busy procedure rooms and staff. After a 5-minute water load, during which the patient drinks water, the patient rests comfortably for the remainder of the 30-minute test. 


Medical staff, such as a technician, can safely perform the test once trained.  A set of highly regarded, detailed, easy to understand educational videos are available on the 3CPM website. For institutions that require certification for personnel, 3CPM will provide onsite training for a nominal fee + travel expenses. Training at the 3CPM home facility is another option and provided at no cost to the institution. Following successful completion of the didactic and hands-on training, staff is asked to perform and submit the results of 2 independent studies. Once completed training certificates are issued.


3CPM EGG/EVG systems provide accurate reproducible data on gastric function, compared to healthy normals. This is unique to our systems only. Reports may be customized to each insitutions’ needs and include:

  • Analysis, % distribution and stability of gastrointestinal electrical rhythms
  • Gastric accommodation profile
  • GMA subtyping of gastrointestinal myoelectrical activity
  • GMAT Threshold Measurement
  • Running spectral analysis over time
  • Artifact detection and automated minute selection
  • Standardized interpretation based upon published parameters
  • Healthy population based summary interpretive graphs
  • Suggested diagnoses

 Reports can be custom configures to meet institutional needs.

The EGG/EVG allows deeper understanding of the mechanisms driving patient disease and the GMA subtypes, which then permit greater understanding of viable treatment options and predicted outcomes. 


Level I CPT code since 2000

CPT Coding per procedure

  • 91133 EGG w/stimulation
  • 99214 E&M code
  • Most quality insurance offers reimbursement


  • Gastro-esophageal reflux disease: K21.9
  • Heartburn: R12
  • Achlorhydria: K31.83
  • Gastroparesis: K31.84
  • Nausea: R11.0
  • Nausea and Vomiting: R11.2
  • Dyspepsia: K30


  • FDA clearance
  • UL certification
  • KFDA clearance
  • MDSAP (regulatory clearance in US, Australia, Brasil, Canada and Japan
  • CE MDD* (*recertification to MDR in Q2 2022)

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