Designed specially for the Research and/or Hospital environment, needs these programs options may be acquired as stand alone or as integrated option that operate within any full version of the 3CPM® Electrogastrogram.

Three additional companion programs are available that are designed to improved efficiency, portability, and storage of EGG data.  These programs may be purchased separately or as a complete suite of products.

1) The 3CPM EGGSAS Export Program.

  • Can either stand alone or integrate with any full version of the Electrogastrogram.
  • Allows selection of any number of patient studies for export into a folder along with associated database and study data.
  • Folder and exported studies may then be shared and read using one of our Reader Programs.
  • Download the User Manual (PDF)

2) The 3CPM® Central Data Depot Reader (CDDR)

  • Reader option that allows import of studies exported from any full version using the Export program.
  • Designed from a research viewpoint so as to protect the integrity of the original data.
  • Allows for protected upload and storage to a centralized location to protect against data loss or manipulation
  • Download the User Manual (PDF)

3) The 3CPM® EGG SAS Reader Program

  • Reader option designed to allow review and analysis of studies exported from any full version using the Export program.
  • Allows remote analysis of exported studies
  • Allows reintegration of analyzed studies in to the main full version of the EGG da

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