Dr. Mark Noar serves the company as Chairman and CEO. He brings to the Board more than 30 years’ experience in hardware and software development and integration in the medical device industry as well as clinical and research-based practice in gastroenterology and surgery. He is the co-inventor of the 3 CPM technology and a host of other inventions and innovations in the fields of interventional endoscopy and medical education and simulation. He has directed a number of clinical research projects, including the ability of EGG to screen, predict successful treatment outcomes and avoid complications with surgical intervention for GERD patients. He has authored many publications and produced video educational materials. Acting as an advisor to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, he has a successful history of technology introduction and trend setting in medical device development and reimbursement. Since joining 3 CPM, he has overseen the development and patenting of advancements of the EGG technology, including the integration of computer-based AI interpretation and diagnostics, open architecture Research-focused EGG used by the NIH, complementary software products and an ample pipeline of future technology advances that will keep 3 CPM in the forefront of the industry in the foreseeable future.

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