3CPM Electrogastrogram Administrator Information

In the current environment of declining endoscopic utilization and reimbursements, one of the best investments in new technology you can make is in the 3CPM Company® Electrogastrogram machine.


Gastroparesis, a previously unrecognized source of patients for endoscopic therapy, represents a new and unlimited revenue stream for the Endoscopy Unit or OR

Of the estimated 40 million Americans that suffer from this disease, 25-28% has the subtype that can be cured with endoscopic balloon dilation.

• 3CPM® GMAT® software successfully detects this subtype and predicts a 96% response to endoscopic pyloric balloon dilation.

• Enterra stimulator outcomes improve if quality of ICC’s is assured, and the 3cpm signal correlates with quality and quantities of ICC’s

• Personalized Treatment Of Gastroparesis Improves Patient Outcomes

• Enhances community and regional reputation, attracting more patients who will require additional services.

Reimbursement Information:

EGG CPT code: 91133

OV code: 99214


reflux disease: K21.9



Gastroparesis: K31.84

Regulatory Information:

FDA clearance

ISO certificates

UL certification

CE mark

KFDA Clearance