The Standard Waterload Version Electrogastrogram

With the Power to Accurately Recommend a Diagnosis

The newly designed and patented 3CPM Waterload Version Electrogastrogram is designed to be used to study the true depth of Electrogastrography ability to diagnose various neuroenteric dysfunctions as related to the digestive system, in the uniform environment of the classic Waterload testing protocol.

This Electrogastrogram device is specifically designed for clinical use, although it may also be used for research purposes within the confines of the standardized Waterload methodology.  The Waterload version provides the ability to test the myoelectric gastric motility in response to a standardized protocol of water loading that has been extensively tested and validated against case related population normal, to insure accuracy of the results.  This device is ideally suited to evaluate the underlying pathological gastric motility of disorders such as gastroparesis, reflux related dyspepsia, chronic nausea and/or vomiting, dyspepsia, as well as medication effects on gastric motility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Currently being used in Universities and clinics in the US and throughout the world, this version offers an updated and easy to use interface device.  The Waterload version is designed specifically for Universities, clinics and physician offices which are interested in performing Electrogastrography in a closely regulated, proven and controlled setting to insure diagnostic accuracy.

Programming-assisted internal intelligence guides the user through the process of performing the EGG.  In addition, the advanced Electrogastrogramsoftware can instruct the user on identification of raw data minutes which are artifacts, and can select the best minutes for analysis, as well as the clinical diagnosis based upon the minutes selected.

The program itself offers new capabilities, which include:

  • Closed architecture analysis of the raw signal, providing for maximum standardization of test performance and results
  • Standardized Waterload methodology, with some flexibility in extended recording time up to 45 minutes.
  • Auto interpretation features for the identification and deselecting of artifacts, the selection of good minutes for analysis and suggestion of the clinical diagnosis based upon minutes selected
  • The most advanced Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis available for improved accuracy
  • Comparison of results against population-based normal
  • User controlled backup and restore function to protect against loss of data
  • Fully Networkable

The 3CPM® Research Electrogastrogram Is custom assembled and programmed for each individual customer at your location.  Internet facilitated centralized service is included to limit downtime in the event of a program malfunction, via a required unrestricted internet connection provided by the end user.