About The 3CPM Company®

The invention of the device

This noninvasive, user-friendly system was tested on over 1,000 patients presenting with difficult symptomatology and also in animal drug research. The device’s validity and reliability liken its potential to the extensively-used electrocardiogram (EKG). After testing, 3CPM obtained regulatory clearance from the FDA in 1998, then US patent and copyright protection. The initial US-based product launch further defined the following clinical categories: tachygastria, bradygastria, and reflux-related GERD+ Dyspepsia, which affects millions more in the population than previously identified. The incorporation of population-based normal values, against which disease states may be distinguished, is what makes 3CPM’s EGG unique. No other device in the field is able to make this claim.

The most recent developments for 3CPM’s EGG include:

• the creation of new predictive conformational statistical diagnostic methodologies, based upon the strength and reproducibility of the 3CPM (3 cycles per minute) signal, and

• the disease-related threshold software, known as the EGG GMAT®, which defines both specific gastroparesis subtypes and the predictability of therapy’s success for this disease.

About the 3CPM Company ® 3CPM Company was formed in January 1998 to exploit the proprietary Electrogastrogram (EGG) technology developed by one of its founders, Kenneth Koch, MD, and to capitalize on the resulting market opportunity.

Dr. Koch is the Section Head of Section on Gastroenterology at Wake Forest University. As a world-renowned expert in diagnostic gastroenterology, Dr. Koch developed the initial EGG and associated EGGSAS software for clinical use. The 3CPM® device detects, records, and analyzes the electrical activity of the stomach to diagnose the gastric myoelectrical activity (GMA) and abnormalities in a quick, accurate, and reproducible manner.

These detected abnormalities are associated with a number of conditions that afflict millions worldwide. 3CPM® is fortunate to have one of the world’s leading experts in this emerging field as a founder, director and officer of the Company. 3CPM was co-founded in 1998 by a seasoned medical device President/CEO and a CFO, both of whom had had several successful start ups to their credit. In 2001, 3CPM brought Mark D. Noar, MD, an established user and recognized gastroenterologist, onto the board.

Dr. Noar was appointed Board Chairman and CEO. Under his guidance, 3CPM has continued to advance and mature with the development of:

• research-specific software platforms for animal and human research,

• software tools to allow automatic detection and correction of hardware and software errors,

• companion software programs to facilitate device use in large research-based projects with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the pharmaceutical industry,

• additional US and worldwide patents and IP protection, and

• successful entry into large international markets including Korea and China.

In collaboration with Dr. Koch, further advances in hardware development led to the creation of novel endoscopic tools. These tools allow EGG technology to be introduced endoscopically in order to directly diagnose and treat gastric motility disorders.3CPM® Company’s present board is the core management team necessary to grow and build the Company.

The current board (5/5 seats filled) has an impressive range of relevant experiences, which has enhanced its ability to quickly accomplish the business plan’s objectives. More about 3CPM’s Board can be viewed using the following link:The Board Of Directors